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Press Images and Logos

Press Images and Logos (click to download)

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Glass Pony Band Pic

Band Bio

Encapsulating influences stretching across decades from psychedelic and jam-focused rock, to funk, post-punk, and even modern indie and post-rock, the Albany, New York collective Glass Pony offer a sound that truly translates through generations, with a stylistic blend built to engage a broad listenership. With a focus squarely set on delivering the most captivating live performance possible, the band utilizes infectiously danceable grooves colored with virtuosic individual performances that deftly blend into a cohesive whole. To accentuate their creative songwriting, they place a great value on improvisation and fluid set lists that change from show to show. The band is comprised of Chanda Dewey (drums), Eddie Hotaling (guitar, lead vocals), Jeff Picarazzi (bass), and Greg Pittz (lead guitar). If you’re seeking an experience that dives much deeper than the usual rigidly-arranged performance, hop on and enjoy the ride.

Band Bio

Bio courtesy of David Zeidler of Young Epoch


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"...this year’s winners, Glass Pony is a powerhouse of a band with blazing guitar riffs, tight jams, and a melodic groove that is guaranteed to make the people dance.

...congrats to Glass Pony. A well-deserved victory and the future is bright for this young band. Catch them live as they play the area, because before long they will be playing arenas around the country and you could say.. I knew them when they were just starting out."


""Glass Pony" is a glorious mix of Phish-indebted jam rock, funk, psych-rock, jazz and indie rock. I know that reads like a lot of musical forms to put into one coherent sound, and it is. But Glass Pony pulls it off with a deft touch."

"Glass Pony's "Stardust" Delivers Depth And Complexity With A Groove"

"Glass Pony, Wild Adriatic, Hartley's Encore and Annie in the Water are spearheading the next wave of jambands not just in the Albany area but across the state and beyond. And while the term "jamband" may bring a certain style to mind, these bands are all unique in sound, all based in rock, but drawing from disparate influences."

"Among a ton of eccentric and energetic stage antics, Glass Pony clashed glam rock sound with psychedelic, jazz, and funk rhythms."

Stage Plot
Glass Pony Stage Plot 2023.jpg

Stage Plot/Input List

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